Liquidity Solutions

Optimize your cash balances

Moving money is a juggling act. We're sure-handed.

Many businesses and organizations keep multiple bank accounts. Deciding exactly how much to keep in each of them is never an easy call. At The Bank of Missouri, you can rely on our Sweep Services to automatically transfer funds to where they do the most good.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Eliminate excess balances in your secondary accounts with Zero Balance Accounts. These accounts are linked to your operating account or other parent account. When funds are needed, the exact amount is automatically swept out of the parent account and into your ZBA. Similarly, funds can be deposited back into your parent account.

Line of Credit Sweep

Another way to optimize your excess balances is with a Line of Credit Sweep. Excess funds are automatically swept out of your business account and used to pay down your line of credit. No need to worry. Funds will automatically sweep back to your business account when needed.

Cash Management Sweep

Our Cash Management Sweeps provide worry-free account management. Excess funds are calculated at the end of each day – after all debits and credits have been posted to the account. They are then moved to an interest bearing account to generate revenue.

Combined Cash Management Sweep

Get all the same features as the Cash Management Sweep. Plus, the ability to draw from additional operating accounts and/or lines of credit. 

Are you ready to optimize your cash balances? Call our Treasury Solutions team at 573-768-7540.