Fraud Solutions

Eliminate fraud and avoid losses

You worked hard for your money. Let us help you keep it safe.

We believe in taking care of tomorrow’s risks today. At The Bank of Missouri, our Fraud Solutions are designed for businesses of every size. A layered, multi-prong approach is best to keep your financial information and hard-earned money safe.

Positive Pay Solutions

Fraud can wipe away hard-earned profits. Our Positive Pay solutions are a cost-efficient way of reducing losses from check forgeries and alterations and unauthorized electronic transactions.

Standard Check Positive Pay

Standard Check Positive Pay can simplify account reconciliation and reduce disbursement risk.

  • Your business uploads a file that contains data from a batch of checks - including check numbers, issue dates and dollar amounts.
  • When someone presents a check for payment, we compare the details to the file data.
  • If the data doesn't match, the check will be flagged for your review. You can choose to return or authorize payment.

ACH Positive Pay

The goal of ACH Positive Pay is to stop unauthorized electronic withdrawals from your accounts. Questionable transaction attempts are flagged and your business has the opportunity to review them.

  • ACH Filter: Specify which ACH debit entries should be allowed to post. This can prevent unauthorized transactions while allowing certain transactions to occur as expected.
  • ACH Block: Prevent all ACH debit entries from posting to an account. This can prevent unauthorized electronic transactions from occurring on your account.

Online Security Features

Our goal is to provide a safe banking environment for our customers. We have several security practices and features in place to keep your information and money safe.

  • Security alerts for new users, ACH batch initiation and wire transmission
  • Multi-factor authentication and security tokens
  • Establish approval protocols and user limits
  • Monitoring abnormal activity for each user
  • IP Restrict and Time Restrict

Fraud Prevention Education

No company is safe from fraud. That’s why our Treasury Solutions and fraud prevention teams educate our business customers about potential risks. We share tactics and tools fraudsters use and discuss controls you can put in place to prevent losses. 

To learn more about Fraud Solutions, give our Treasury Solutions team a call at 573-768-7540.