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Innovative banking solutions

Providing a path to financial wellness

Partner Services at TBOM develops solid relationships with financial technology (fintech) organizations, servicers and processors to support sub-prime, near-prime and prime consumers through general use and private label credit cards, installment loans and deposit products.

A dedicated strategic partner

When you see The Bank of Missouri (TBOM) on the back of your credit card or on your account, you know it’s backed with strength. And, our strategic partners know we offer innovative solutions backed by industry experience. TBOM is the issuing bank for credit cards, private label accounts, installment loan servicing or deposit products, serviced or managed by our strategic partners or via our platform. Many of these cards and accounts are held by underserved customers, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve them.

We’ve been a community bank since 1891, with more than 13 years of experience issuing general use and private label credit cards, installment loans and deposit products across the country. Our core values are delivering a quality experience and promoting community for all of our customers and partnerships. We reach customers in the manner in which they choose to bank and promote financial empowerment in every product and service.  

Through these strategic partnerships we:

  • Provide customers a financial path to flexible credit services, innovative financial wellness programs and tailored banking services
  • Promote wider access to credit and banking products for cardholders, account holders and installment loan users
  • Work as the issuer for various store credit cards, general use credit cards, private label accounts, installment loan services and deposit accounts
  • Ensure each program is operated in a safe and sound manner through a strong compliance program

Partner Services’ private label and installment loan products provide consumer financing options for many different industries such as furniture, home improvement, medical, jewelry, electronic, auto and fitness to name a few. As the issuer of these accounts, TBOM is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of the program to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations. TBOM also observes safe and sound business practices and ensures we address the needs of the consumer and of our partners.

What’s the next best step? 

Next steps for cardholders

If you’re a customer of one of our servicers or program managers, welcome! We know you may be here with a question about a credit card or account. If you’ve not already done so, it’s a great first step to contact the servicer or program manager directly via the number on the back of your card or located on your monthly statement. To reach our team, contact us online.

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Next steps for businesses

Are you a business interested in pursuing a strategic partnership with TBOM to issue branded general use or private label cards, installment loans or deposit products? We’d love to help.

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