Trust & Fiduciary Services

Let's look to the future and help you leave a lasting legacy

Your money, your family, your vision

You've worked hard for your money. As time moves on, you want to put it to the best use possible. With a trust, you can provide for future generations, support a loved one with special needs, or target funds toward a favorite charity or worthy cause.

Trust us to act in your best interest

Put simply, when you name The Bank of Missouri in your trust document, you create a special legal relationship with us. We are committed to capably managing the assets you've set aside for a specific purpose. Every decision we make is based on what’s best for you and your heirs. And when the time comes, we vow to use all of our expertise and experience to carry out your wishes.

Planning for the future

Trusts can accomplish many things as a part of your overall estate plan:

  • Provide control over how assets are distributed after your death
  • Plan for possible incapacity of you or your spouse
  • Have a plan in place in case you should die with a minor or special needs child surviving you
  • Design a plan for your specific purposes and goals, choosing from many types of trusts available

Work with a knowledgeable estate-planning attorney to create the trust that meets your family’s needs and circumstances, and then rest easy knowing we will manage things on your behalf into the future.

How we can help

There are multiple ways we can assist you and your family. It starts with us taking time to understand your goals and what you wish to accomplish. 

We can serve as agent for your investments while you maintain trustee control. We would like to get to know your beneficiaries as well because a strong relationship provides for continuity and peace of mind for all involved.

Then, as your named successor trustee, we are able to carry out your wishes on your behalf when you are no longer able, following the terms of your trust exactly as you defined them.

Plan Well, Live Well