Become a Strategic Partner

A strategic partner to trust

You bring the brand, we bring the access

Partnering with various fintech organizations nationwide to offer alternative financing and deposit options, we’re the strategic partner to rely on. TBOM's Partner Services seeks to develop strong relationships to support sub-prime, near-prime and prime consumers via general use cards, private label cards, installment loans and deposit accounts.

Strong history allows for a strong future

When you choose TBOM as the issuer for your brand, you’ll experience the strength that comes with 130 years of successful banking. Partner Services is backed by the resources of a $2.8 billion asset community bank. We’re small enough to develop relationships with customers and be committed to our local communities. Yet we’re large enough to meet nearly any financial need, and issue six million general use and private label cards, accounts and installment loans across the nation. 

From start-up programs to the conversion of existing programs, you can count on us to bring more than 13 years of experience in the credit industry. Our leadership team develops innovative products and services to best meet the needs of our strategic partners and customers. 

As a strategic partner, you enjoy:

  • Best-practice solutions tailored to your goals to help optimize your product offering
  • Improved financial literacy for consumers through focused financial wellness programs and uniquely tailored banking services
  • A proven BIN sponsorship program backed by deep industry expertise and a strong financial reputation
  • An effective and proven compliance program to mitigate risk, optimize performance and ensure each program is operated in a safe and sound manner
  • Convenience of working with a principal member of Mastercard® and Visa®
  • A strong risk management system with ongoing third-party oversight

In short, we provide the channel to help drive growth while managing risk and regulatory oversight. 

Are you our next strategic partner? 

We’ve told you a little about Partner Services. Now, let’s talk about you. It starts with a conversation where we get to know your company and your goals. We’ll also share what kind of structure a company needs in place to ensure a successful strategic partnership.

Our strategic partners have:

  • Strong management quality and integrity
  • Established operations that are financially healthy and viable
  • Disciplined internal controls and audits
  • Sound compliance management
  • Robust and compliant customer support solution designed to meet the needs of each customer
  • Strong information security programs

At TBOM, we know a better life begins with a strong financial future. Strong business partnerships are a major step toward that future. We’re here to help our strategic partners and customers Live Well, Bank Well.

Take the first step

Learn more about pursuing a strategic partnership with TBOM regarding the issuance of general use credit cards, private label cards, installment loans or deposit account products.

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