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Welcome Security Bank & Trust Customers

Welcome Security Bank & Trust Customers

Welcome to your new online banking home!

When two great banks come together, the result is one better bank for you. Security Bank & Trust Company and The Bank of Missouri have joined together to provide you with even better service, more locations and more ways to make the most of your money. All while keeping the same friendly faces you know and trust. 

As with any growth comes positive change.  Below you will find information regarding some of the changes that have taken place as a result of the union of our two banks.  Please contact us at 888-547-6541 or with any questions that you have. We are here to help make this a smooth transition and hope you will enjoy the added benefits you will receive through The Bank of Missouri.  


Important Changes to Your Banking Products & Services


Your new bank website will be .  The old Security Bank & Trust website ( is no longer active and has been permanently redirected to this special welcome page for Security Bank & Trust customers. Please bookmark our website for future reference.

Online Banking

You will still log in to your online banking with the same username and password you have used in the past.  After logging in, if you have not already created an alias, you  will be prompted to do so.  An alias is a word you create as your username instead of having to enter your nettelller id number each time.  You will log in to your online banking account using your new alias going forward.  The watermark you had previously selected will remain the same along with your Bill Payment data.  Currently, your online banking platform only stores three months worth  of statements. With the new Bank of Missouri online banking platform, you will eventually be able to  view up to 12 months worth of statements instead of three.  The Bank of Missouri also offers a new online financial management program called "My Financial Manager" that comes free with your online banking account.  It's a secure way to see where your money is going.  It helps track expenses, set budgets, and reach your financial goals even faster.  Just click on the "My Finance" tab in your online banking session to get started!

Learn more about online banking

Debit Card

You should have received a new debit card in the mail with instructions on how and when to begin using your new card. Click here for help with activating your debit card. You will receive a new PIN number in the mail 2-3 days following the arrival of your new card. Please remember to destroy your old card AFTER Monday December, 3rd, 2012. Also, just a reminder, if you have any recurring automatic payments attached to your old debit card, you will need to update the vendor with your new debit card information. Your new debit card limits will be $500 daily at the ATM and $1500 daily for debit card purchases.  Learn more about The Bank of Missouri debit cards

Access 24 (known as Anytime Access)

You will now be able to use a toll free number – 1-888-627-6799.  Please be aware that the menu options may change from what you are accustomed to so please follow the prompts when you call the new number. Learn about mobile banking options

Checking, Savings and Business Accounts 

There are many similarities between The Bank of Missouri checking accounts and Security Bank & Trust accounts.  Any variations that do exist were identified in a recent statement. Learn more about checking account options

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Checks 

You should have received new HELOC checks in the mail.  However, we ask that you continue using your old checks until December 1, 2012. On December 1, you may begin using your new checks and can destroy your old checks at that time. 

Health Savings Account (HSA) 

There will be some minor changes to your HSA account. You should have received a letter identifying the minor changes that do exist.  Learn more about Health Savings Accounts

Bank Personnel

Your personal banker will still be able to assist you with your banking needs.

Bill Payment

There will be no change to your existing Online Bill Payment.  All your existing payees and automatic payments will remain just as they were with Security Bank & Trust. Your monthly fee will reduce from $5.00 per month for 15 transactions to nothing! You now have access to unlimited bill pay transactions at no charge to you.  Learn more about Online Bill Pay

Locations & Hours

Enjoy the same convenient locations in Scott City, Cape Girardeau, Marble Hill, and  Patton in addition to many Bank of Missouri locations throughout the state. Some locations will have slightly different hours beginning Monday, December 3rd, 2012.         View all locations and hours

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) 

There will be no change to your IRA accounts.  You should have received a letter introducing you to the IRA administrator of The Bank of Missouri along with contact information should you have any questions.  Learn more about IRAs


You may continue to use your existing checks until they are depleted.  Simply present your re-order form at any of The Bank of Missouri locations and we will order your new updated checks for you.  Order checks online

Account Number

Unless you are notified, your account number will not be affected.

Electronic Transactions

Your electronic funds transfers and direct deposits will automatically transfer for you.  As always, it is good practice to periodically update your account information with your service providers.  

Automatic Funds Transfers (AFTs)

All your AFTs will automatically transfer similar to your electronic transactions. Set up one-time or recurring transfers from within your online banking account.

Certificates of Deposit

Your existing terms, frequency of interest, and rate will transfer with no  interruptions.  View current CD rates


Your existing term, loans and conditions, and payments will transfer with no  interruptions. Learn more about our loans

Fraud Center

There will be no change to the features and benefits of the debit card fraud center you were accustomed to with Security Bank & Trust.  Learn more about fraud protection