10 ways ITMs make banking better

  • March 6, 2019

The Bank of Missouri has ITMs available at all of our branches. You may be asking, “What exactly is an ITM?” ITM stands for Interactive Teller Machine. We like to say, “The ATM just got REAL.” An ITM lets you talk to a live teller from the convenience of your car.

Is an ITM right for you? Read on for 10 reasons our customers are loving our new ITMs.

1. Convenience

Banking at an ATM is convenient already, but have you ever needed to do something the ATM can’t handle? From getting cash back in smaller denominations to more advanced features, the ITM is all about offering convenience to you. Because who doesn’t need a little more convenience in their life?

2. Extended hours

No more bankers' hours! We know you can’t always make it to the bank during normal business hours. ITMs allow us to offer extended hours with MORE tellers to assist you.

3. More friendly faces

This may leave you wondering, “Are you replacing the staff at my local branch?” Not at all! ITM tellers are available in addition to the staff you’ve come to know in your local branch.

4. Live, personal help

Speaking of those friendly faces – you’ll receive live personal help throughout your whole transaction. First time using the ITM? No worries. Our tellers will help you through each step, kind of like a video concierge. And remember, these are real humans. No robots here.

5. Identity verification

This helps reduce fraud. The interactive teller will ask for identification to help verify it’s really you.

6. More options at the ITM

ITMs allow you to make deposits, withdrawals, balance transfers, loan payments and more. It’s very efficient and easy to use.

7. Help with account questions

Need to ask a question about your account? Our live teller can help with that, too.

8. Privacy

Your privacy is important to us and the ITM offers several options to communicate. You can plug in your own personal earbuds. Or, if you don’t feel like talking, you also have the option to use on-screen text messaging.

9. Extended transaction cut-off times

You have a few ways to complete transactions at The Bank of Missouri. Guess which one gives you the latest cutoff time for crediting to your account on the same day? That’s right, the ITM!

For a deposit to be credited to your account the same day in our branch lobbies and drive-ups, you need to make your deposit by the closing hours of that particular branch (and remember, Saturday deposits are processed the following business day).

The cutoff time for all deposits received through a Bank of Missouri ATM is 2 PM, Monday-Friday.

Ok, here’s where it gets good – The ITM allows same-day credit of deposits up until 7 PM on weekdays. (ITM deposits made on Saturday are processed the following business day.)

10. ATM/ITM flexibility

The ITM is still an ATM, too! Insert your card to use it just like you would any other ATM, or tap to speak to a live teller for an ITM experience. The choice is yours. Isn’t it nice to have options?

 Visit our website to learn more about ITMs and find an ITM near you.

And the next time you’re near one of our ITMs, tap the screen to say “hello” to our live tellers. They look forward to serving you!

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