Top 3 reasons to use your phone’s wallet feature

  • May 5, 2020

With the dramatic change in the landscape of everyday life, many consumers have begun reevaluating how they shop and even how they pay for things.

With the adoption of contactless payment options by most major retailers, one payment options is right in your pocket. With your smartphone’s “wallet” feature, contactless payment has never been easier! Below, we’ll share our top 3 reasons to utilize this technology. Let’s get started!

It’s safe

Using your mobile wallet can actually be safer than using a physical card. When you load your credit or debit card into your smartphone, it’s encrypted and can only be accessed after you have unlocked your phone. This will keep your card number and even your 3-digit security code safe from prying eyes. Using contactless payments also eliminates the threat of card skimmers.

No touching

With the increased awareness of hygiene and the desire to limit what we touch, contactless payment can help limit your interactions while shopping. With physical cards, you have to get out your card, insert it in the reader, type your PIN and remove your card. When you utilize your smartphone wallet, you can simply pull out your smartphone, open the app and hold it near the card reader. You may still have to enter your PIN on the keypad, but you have eliminated most of the contact at your retailer’s point of sale.

Faster online shopping

Be on the lookout when shopping online with your smartphone. Many retailers have integrated mobile wallet options for faster checkout. When using the mobile option, you are sharing tokenized information, eliminating the need to share your card information with the retailer. You can simply tap your mobile wallet option of choice, validate with your smartphone’s security method and you’re good to go!

Ready to give it a try yourself? Below, we’ve linked to guides on how to set up your mobile wallet for Apple, Google and Samsung. Happy—and safe— shopping!

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