Bounce Protection

Mistakes happen. We've got you covered.

No red faces

Merchants can charge a lot of money if one of your checks is returned for insufficient funds. Plus, bouncing a check can cause a bit of embarrassment. At The Bank of Missouri, we don't think any of this is necessary. That's why we have Bounce Protection.

Sometimes, things just don’t add up

Every day, money flows into and out of your checking account. Sometimes you forget about a payment. Or you're stuck with an extra expense. Or you just mess up the math. With Bounce Protection, we'll make sure your checking payments go through and your finances stay on track.

  • Bounce Protection is automatically turned on for all Bank of Missouri checking accounts.
  • New consumer account holders can use this service after the account has been open for 30 days. The waiting period for business accounts is 90 days.
  • If you're an existing customer opening an additional account, this service may be immediately available. Please ask when you open the account.
  • As long as your account in good standing, The Bank of Missouri will honor overdrafts up to your Bounce Protection limit.1 Please contact us to obtain your limit.
  • While there is no fee to be enrolled in Bounce Protection, the service carries an overdraft fee of $30.89 per item. The total negative balance, including all fees and charges, should be paid within 15 calendar days.
  • Additional Bounce Protection is available for debit card and ATM transactions.
  • Questions? Give us a call 888-547-6541 or contact us online.

Bounce Protection FAQs

You will receive an overdraft notice in the mail each time a check is paid using your Bounce Protection limit. The notice will show the check number, amount, and the overdraft fee. Because this is mailed, you may not know immediately that an item has been subject to an overdraft fee. We recommend using online banking to monitor your account and setting up alerts to notify you any time your account falls below a certain balance. 

You have 15 calendar days to bring your account into a positive balance. If your account is not brought back up to a positive balance, the account will be closed and further steps may be taken to recover the money.

You may choose to no longer receive Bounce Protection at any time. Simply give us a call 888-547-6541 or stop by one of our convenient locations. Also, if you would like to enroll in our Bounce Protection for debit card and ATM transactions, please contact us. Remember, your automatic enrollment covers written checks only. You must opt out if you don't want this coverage for checks and you must opt in if you want this coverage for your debit/ATM card.

Writing checks with insufficient funds in your account will always result in a fee. While we are pleased to offer the convenience of overdraft protection, we want to make sure you understand the fees. They can add up quickly. Items paid with Bounce Protection carry a fee of $30.89 per item. If you go over the limit the bank covers for overdraft items, or if you have declined overdraft coverage, you will be charged a fee for Insufficient Funds instead of $30.89 per item.

No. The balance you will hear when you call the AnyTime Access 24-hour telephone banking service, or see when you check your balance in online banking or in our app will not include the bounce protection limit. If you have $500 in your account and a $400 Bounce Protection limit, the balance you will see is $500, not $900.

1Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary, and we reserve the right not to pay. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, or you are not making regular deposits, or you have too many overdrafts.