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Easily switch bank accounts with our switch kit.

Switch Kit

Switching your accounts to The Bank of Missouri has never been easier than with our easy-to-use Switch Kit! We've taken the hassle out of moving your account(s) from your old bank with our simple instructions and convenient forms—Now leaving your time to enjoy the things that matter most!

You will find everything you need in our Switch Kit. Simply download and fill out the appropriate forms included in the kit. You can close out other accounts, change any automatic payments or account transfers that you have and switch to The Bank of Missouri by following the easy steps below. You’ll be switched over in no time!

Let us Help You Make the Switch

Our friendly and knowledgeable financial service representatives can assist you in completing the forms and answer any questions you may have. Just visit any of our locations, and we’ll sit down and go over everything with you.

Items to Bring When You Come In

  • Government-issued ID
    • Driver’s license
    • State-issued ID
    • Passport
  • Information regarding any current direct deposits coming in to your accounts on a regular basis (your payroll, Social Security, or other regular deposits).
  • Information on any auto/electronic payments coming out of your account (utilities, credit card payments, loan or rent payments, etc).
  • Name of your current bank/financial institution, bank routing number (s), and account numbers.

Save Time When You Visit the Bank

Before coming to the bank, print off the New Account Information form, complete it and bring it with you. You can also complete the form at home and fax it to your nearest Bank of Missouri location, and we can contact you to complete the process.

Forms to Help You Switch Accounts

These forms are in Adobe’s PDF format. To read them, you need Acrobat Reader software, which is free software for viewing and printing Adobe PDF Files. If Acrobat Reader is not already installed on your computer, it is easy to download the software and install it.

Download Adobe Reader

1. Open your New Accounts


Stop by your local Bank of Missouri location to open your new checking account. We're sure to have an account to fit your banking needs!  Once this is completed, you’ll have access to all of our benefits, including free Internet Banking, free Bill Payment, free debit card and more!

Download New Account Form

2. Stop Using Your Old Checking Account


After you’ve set up your new accounts with The Bank of Missouri, leave your old accounts active long enough to allow outstanding checks or automatic withdrawals to clear. This process may take several weeks.

How do I find my account numbers?

To find the account numbers for your old account, look at the bottom of your checks for a series of numbers. Bank routing numbers are the first nine digits of the series, the second set of numbers is your old account number, and the last number set is the check number.

3. Change Your Direct Deposits


Complete the Change Direct Deposit form to switch any direct deposits you have coming into your account on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, annually). Simply fill out the form provided below and give it to your employer, the Social Security Administration or your retirement plan. Be sure to include a voided Bank of Missouri check (not a deposit slip) with your request.

Do you have any of these direct deposits?

  • Payroll deposits from your employer
  • Pension or retirement checks
  • Social Security payments (Create a my Social Security account to make deposit changes online)
  • Stock dividends
  • Permanent Fund Dividend

Download Direct Deposit Form

4. Change Your Automatic Withdrawals or Payments?


You’ll also want to contact the companies and other financial institutions with which you have established regularly-scheduled automatic debits or payments. You can use the form provided below to make your changes and don’t forget to change those payments that use your debit card number, such as an automatic payment made online.

  • Mortgage or rent payment
  • Insurance premiums
  • Credit card or loan payments
  • Telephone or utility payments
  • Automatic transfers you may have set up to transfer money directly from checking into savings or investment accounts

Download Automatic Withdrawal/Payment Form

5. Close your Old Accounts


Once you’re sure your old bank accounts are inactive, ask your previous financial institution to send you the balance from that account. Then you can destroy your old checks, ATM/Debits cards and deposit slips. Use this form to complete the closure process.

Download Close Account Form

If you have any questions or concerns during this process, don’t hesitate to contact us.