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Construction Loans

Construction Loans

The Bank of Missouri specializes in helping customers build their dream home by taking the hassle out of home construction loans. The construction loan program provides short term financing for a specified period of construction with "interest only" up to a maximum of 12 months. Upon completion, the bank will refinance the home for the long term with the appropriate loan program.

Pre-qualifying is quicker with local loan approvals from The Bank of Missouri.  When you are ready to build, your personal loan officer will handle everything from application to closing.


Residential Construction Loans

Allows a borrower to obtain financing to build or have their home built.

  • Interest-only payments based on outstanding balance
  • 12 month loan term
  • Eligible property type
    • 1-4 unit owner occupied
  • 80% maximum LTV*
  • Inspections and disbursements handled by bank or title company


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*LTV - Loan to Value