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Pay a Person at The Bank of Missouri

Pay a Person

Right from your phone or computer, you can pay anyone you need to. Pay a Person allows you to transfer money easily from your checking account to another individual's account, at our bank or any other bank. Whether you need to pay the kid who mows the lawn, the swim lesson instructor, or the friend you split the bill with, Pay a Person puts it all at your fingertips.

5 Reasons to use Pay a Person at The Bank of Missouri

1. Skip writing checks and trips to the ATM.

2. Schedule the payment at your convenience.

3. Enjoy the privacy of knowing you never directly see one another's account information.

4. Use Pay a Person in Online Banking and in our mobile banking apps.

5. Set up payees and schedule payments quickly.


Here's how it works:

Pay a Person is a feature of our comprehensive BillPay service. To begin, you must be signed up for Online Banking. If you have not done so, enroll in Online Banking and select the BillPay tab to enroll for that service.

Now, you're ready to use Pay a Person on your computer and your phone. On your computer, select "Bill Pay" and "Add a Payee" to get started. In the mobile banking apps, simply select "Pay a Person" from the menu. Be sure to share the special keyword you create with the payee.

Watch the Pay a Person Online Banking Demo

Pay a Person Desktop Demo


Watch the Pay a Person Mobile Banking App Demo


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there requirements to use Pay a Person?

You must be enrolled in Online Banking and BillPay. Enroll in Online Banking, and then click the "BillPay" tab to enroll for that service.

What does the person I am paying need to do?

The individual you are paying (the payee), will receive an email from The Bank of Missouri prompting him or her to enter the special keyword you created, as well as his or her account number and bank's routing number.

How do I access Pay a Person?

You can pay an individual within Online Banking on your computer and within our mobile banking apps, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can add a payee and schedule payments from your computer or the app. Be sure to enroll in Online Banking and BillPay from our website first, if you have not done so. The Pay a Person option will not show up in the mobile app if you have not enrolled in BillPay.

How long does it take money to transfer?

You can schedule a payment immediately after creating a new payee. However, the funds transfer will not begin until the payee enters the account number. While it varies, funds typically arrive into the payee's account within two business days of entering the account information.

I don't see the Pay a Person option in the mobile app. Why not?

The option will not be available in the app until you visit our desktop Online Banking and enroll in BillPay by clicking the BillPay tab. If you are a BillPay user already and don't see the Pay a Person option in the menu, you may also try upgrading to the newest version of the app.

What if I forget the keyword I created?

You must use Online Banking from the website to access the keyword. After logging in, click the "BillPay" tab. Locate the payee in your list of payees and select the payee's name. Then select "Edit Payee" to see the keyword.