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Our Philosophy

Managing investment assets for clients is a tremendous responsibility and one we take seriously.  We understand that clear expectations regarding the roles and responsibilities of manager and client are imperative for the relationship to be successful.  We appreciate that our clients come to us looking for a trusted advisor and as a fiduciary, we are compelled to act always in our clients’ best interests.  We work closely with them to understand their goals and develop the investment plan to achieve them.

Our investment philosophy at The Bank of Missouri Investments & Retirement Planning division is to construct a portfolio that will maximize return while remaining cognizant of the customer’s expected level of risk.  So working with clients to determine their risk tolerance is the first step in our investment process.  Next we focus on the appropriate asset allocation to construct a portfolio striving to maximize investment returns. 

There is a substantial amount of investment research available on investment products and processes as to why each makes a valid choice when investing.  Each asset we use to build your portfolio is selected by an investment committee employing a thorough qualitative and quantitative screening process.  This enables our investment team to utilize assets that are performing in the top quartiles of their class.  Ongoing performance monitoring is conducted to ensure we maintain assets that continue to perform well in comparison to their peer group and any assets that underperform our criteria are removed.

To sum up the investment philosophy of The Bank of Missouri Investment & Retirement Planning, we work with clients to understand their goals and level of risk and then construct a well diversified portfolio using asset allocation with assets that we have chosen based upon our selective process.