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Sweep Services

Sweep services offer a variety of flexible products to give you better ways to manage your money.

Funds Sweep

Minimize the potential cost of an overdraft with an Insufficient Funds Sweep.

  • $5 per occurrence
  • The $5 fee will cover all transactions posted on the same day versus an insufficient fund fee that is typically charged per item
  • Pulls from a designated checking or savings account, or a line of credit

Cash Management Sweep

Sweep Accounting, also referred to as “same day” sweep, is designed for clients who want to maximize the use of excess funds.  The amount of your investment is calculated at the end of each day after all debits and credits have been posted to your account. Sweeps may occur as often as daily. Please review the following options to see which service will best meet your banking needs.

Single Cash Management Sweep - $125 PER MONTH

  • Deposit funds into an account that has a set floor
  • Excess funds will automatically sweep into a designated investment account or line of credit
  • Funds will sweep back to the primary account when needed

Combined Cash Management Sweep - $250 PER MONTH

  • Has all the same features as a Single Cash Management Sweep
  • Includes the ability to draw from additional operating accounts and/or lines of credit