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Account Transfers

Account Transfers

Bank to Bank Transfers - Two convenient options to move your money.

Say you want to transfer money into your family member's account at another bank. Or, say you have accounts at more than one bank and need to move your money. You have two options. In most cases, Bank to Bank Transfer within Online Banking is the best option if you have ownership of both the accounts you are transferring to and from. Smart Pay Express is usually the best option if you do not have control of the account at the other financial institution.

  Bank to Bank Transfers Smart Pay Express Transfers
How you can transfer money Transfer funds to or from your Bank of Missouri checking or savings account Transfer funds to your Bank of Missouri account only, no outgoing transfers
External account requirements Ownership of the account at the other financial institution is required Ownership of the account at the other financial institution is not required
How to access Within Online Banking (a simple verification between the two accounts is required the first time) Online Payment Portal
Per transaction charge No Yes
Funds availability 3-day hold on incoming transfers,
Varies for outgoing transfers
Next business day
Other uses Schedule recurring transfers Make payments to a Bank of Missouri loan account, if you do not have a Bank of Missouri checking account
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Automatic Funds Transfers (Automatic Savings)

We make saving a breeze.

Setting up an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account will help you reach your savings goals faster. It eliminates the need to discipline yourself to save money on a regular basis.

How to Set-Up Automatic Savings

Setup of automatic savings is easy. All you will need is a Bank of Missouri Checking account and either a Bank of Missouri Savings or Money Market account.  You establish start date, frequency and amount to save by choosing a dollar amount to be transferred from your checking to your savings/money market.

  1. Sign into your online banking account
  2. Click on the "Transfer/Loan Payments" tab
  3. Follow the instructions to complete setup

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